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What People Are Saying 

Comments & Observations from Test Users

"I can’t believe I’ll have a beautiful wedding album with videos right next to my wedding photos!" Mary F

"I’m excited to consolidate the photos and videos that I have spread all over the internet, my phone and my computer into one place." Jennifer G

"Apple meets Harry Potter!" Irene M


"I hate the cloud, but I pay the 99 cents/month just so everything is backed up. I like that I won’t have to care anymore whether I can find anything in that mess because I’m sending the photos and video I care about direct to WILLA as I take them." Carrie H


"I’m going to send the photos and videos from my phone that I want in my WILLA as soon as I take them. I’m always running out of storage.  I’m so looking forward to never worrying about storage on my phone ever again!" Lonnie A


"I’ll never do another photobook!" Sandy B

"I love that I can send photos and videos to my WILLA from my phone already organized into a BookCase Album!" Linda L

"I love the feature for what to do with photos I don’t want to delete, but don’t necessarily want in a BookCase Album!" Maxine C


"I want my Mom and Dad to organize a BookCase Album from them to my kids with the photos and story of my childhood and a letter from each of them with advice for my kids." Zoe T

"I’m excited to be able to leave my handwriting behind for my children with the stylus feature." Laurie I


"For me this is like buying a beautiful armoire for my family memories." Rita T

"I absolutely LOVE this idea.... it's the most real, important and legit tool a family can enjoy the way memories are captured today!!!!" Brin D


"A total NO-BRAINER... Without something like this - our families, our precious moments during our time on earth will continue to be a unorganized mess. And then when we are gone - TOTALLY FORGOTTEN!!!  Nothing to really pass down..." SheilaB

"I spent a year organizing tubs and tubs of photos to capture the immigration story of my family. Then I spent a fortune making photo book copies for everyone in my family. Your product could have saved me thousands of dollars AND thousands of hours!" Nancy M


"I have the last voicemail my father left for me before he passed away. I’m putting it next to photos of him in a BookCase Album about his life." Lisa F


"This is the only thing I’ve seen that gives me a quick & easy way to categorize and save our family memories together."  Mary J.


"Love that I’ll be able to spontaneously sit on the couch with my husband and look at our vacations together." Abigail D


"Have you ever tried to find a photo in the cloud? Have you ever tried deleting a photo from the cloud and getting that “this will delete the photo from everywhere?!”  I won’t miss that craziness." Carly N


"I’m going to take WILLA to my grandma's and record her voice on the photos of her life telling me what was happening in the photo." Jackie C


"I have 21 linear feet of photo albums. I’m going to digitize every single one and put them all in my WILLA." Susan J


"Love that I can send what I want to my WILLA on the go and then organize it later when I have time." Dani T


"I love that I can re-sort BookCase Albums… families change over time and I want to be able to rearrange things." Neda L


"Can’t wait for the TV beaming feature. We go on a group trip every year with friends and do a slideshow party afterwards. I’ll be able to beam the BookCase Album I make of the trip to the TV for the whole group to watch." Chloe M


"Love the feature for dealing with photos of exes!" Peggy R


"INCREDIBLE, I want one tomorrow!!!! I'm a picture FREAK and this is amazing!!! This would solve a big problem in our world.  Anne B


"My great aunt and I are the only ones left who know the detailed history of our family business. Every month we get together on a Saturday to go through 50 years worth of photos. If between the two of us we can’t remember who’s in the photo, it gets tossed. Which is what the next generation will do if we don’t get this organized. Please get this to market soon!" Sue L


"I want a better way to organize what I want, not just use timelines or locations. This is the only thing I’ve ever seen that gives me that control." Jeff S


"I have over 75,000 pictures on my computer and disks scattered from here to kingdom come.  This is a product that would quench my thirst for savoring my memories…" Diane J


"Love it!!!!!" Melissa R


"Totally idiot proof!" Kelly P


"This is like a personal butler for my family memories. Functional, efficient, elegant!" Erika T


"A retirement plan for your family history." William B

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