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42 Memory Lane, Inc. 

A Seattle start up with a mission to help families easily compose, enjoy and pass down their family memories 


What’s unique about WILLA? 

  • Dual Screens 

  • Software Designed by Women 

  • Cloud Back Up That Doesn't Make You Crazy (again...designed by women) 

  • Simple Consolidation of Family Memories Into One Place 

  • Easy Drag and Drop Organizing Across Screens 

  • Large Screens to Accommodate Children’s Artwork, Documents, Letters… content beyond videos and photos 

Your Digital Family Album 

Combines what we love about photo books (individual stories, easy, tangible book) with what we love about being digital (touch screens, cloud back up, apps). 


42 Memory Lane is currently engaged in a Facebook Ad Campaign to gather 13,000+ emails to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to get WILLA to market. 

If you want to write about us or learn more, please email us at 

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