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From the Founder

Why I'm so passionate about this

It started with a baby sea turtle

It's not every day that you find a newly hatched baby sea turtle on its journey to the ocean.  This is one of my favorite memories with my then 8 year old son.  And, it was the rare photo of that baby turtle (and a corresponding video) (that ironically I can't find now) that made me want to create a place where our family adventures could be organized together and easily passed down to my son.


I was extremely frustrated trying to gather and organize photos and videos into one place and into stories; I missed the convenience of our family photo album.

I didn't have time to compare, choose and organize thousands of photos and videos into the stories I wanted to leave behind for him.

How was my son ever going to enjoy his childhood memories?!  How was I?

The simple answer to me was a product that combined what I love about photo books (easy, individual story preservation, tangible books) with what I love about the digital world (touch screens, cloud back up, apps).


I wanted the one-place-convenience of a family photo album, but with EVERYTHING; photos, videos, report son’s artwork.  


The story gets longer from there, but this was the origin of WILLA ... and 42 Memory Lane.


We are a group of parents, business and manufacturing executives and software programmers who are just as frustrated as you.

WE think it’s time for a revolution! Well, if “revolution” means something as common sense as a physical place in your home where you can access your own family memories without an internet connection ... easily combine, re-combine, preserve and secure the memories you want your family to have in perpetuity and share them through a private network of family albums. 


Total control without making life more difficult.

If you want this experience with your own family memories (fast, easy, fun) please sign up to be on our email list!


We need to know how many people feel the same way we do so we can get this product to market!


Join our mission with your "email vote" to get this tremendously needed and superbly designed product into the hands of families everywhere, including your own!

adam and turtle1.jpg
This baby sea turtle, to be exact!
elephnt ear costa rica faily digital memory album
family memories willa digital photo album
adam and giant iguana on beach willa digital family memories
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42 Memory Lane

The brilliant team of people passionately dedicated to bringing you WILLA!

Al 42 memory lane

Chief Operating Officer

Al Schriber | Co-founder

Our adult supervision. Al brings over 40 years building teams and executing plans for fast growing companies.

wood 42 memory lane

Creative Catalyst 

Wood Graham 

Chief of Willa’s Creative Marketplace, Wood is tasked with discovering, curating and developing artwork elements and collections to personalize and enhance the Willa viewing experience.

STG Image.jpg


Software Technology Group

The programmers behind the 2019 CES award winning Breadbot (WSJ, Geekwire, CNN, CBS, Bloomberg, CNET).

Stateside in Factory.jpg


Stateside Electronics

30 years product development, manufacturing operations, supplier sourcing, cost management, quality control and delivery schedules.

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Digital Media
Molly & Jourdan
Millennial Independants
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Surveys & Focus Groups
Tracy Klinkroth
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Graphic Design
Analise Hannah
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Heidi Drivdahl J.D.
Drivdahl law
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