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How is WILLA different?

WILLA is a tangible traditional photo album that is kept in your home. 

What if I already use Google Photos or Apple?

Keep them! Willa isn't a replacement, and frankly that would make your life more complicated. Willa is for the memories you want offline, in your home, to enjoy and easily pass down. If it replaces anything, it would be your external hard-drive.

What can I keep in WILLA?

Photos, videos, children's artwork, genealogy results, family trees, maps, letters, documents, saved voicemails, special voice recordings, report cards, certificates, rewards.... anything that can be digitized that you want to keep organized together and passed down.

Why is it so easy to organize memories in WILLA?

Two screens with drag and drop features instead of menus, the ability to easily put a photo in multiple places, and our recognition of your need to seamlessly re-sort content as families grow and change.

How do I get photos and videos into WILLA?

Upload the content you want direct from your phone and computers or connect cameras and flash drives direct via the USB port.

Can I access photos in my WILLA on mobile devices when I'm out of the house?

Yes. Through the WILLA app. In fact you'll find it faster to find photos on your phone when they've been organized in WILLA. No more endless scrolling. And you free up your phone storage!

Will you have a digitizing service?

This is a frequent request. We are looking at how best to offer this service.

I like photo books. What's the advantage with WILLA?

We love photo books! But they start to accumulate and they don't include our videos. WILLA lets you create dozens of virtual photo books with your BookCase Albums that incorporate your videos into your stories and provides the same in-home instant access and book-like enjoyment.


Do I need internet access to look at my photos in WILLA?

No. WILLA stores all your content locally, providing access to your family memories at your whim, not your bandwidth's.

How do I keep family memories safe if they are just in WILLA?

We provide a cloud-based back-up service on Amazon AWS servers to secure your family memories in a private digital safety deposit box with a key just for your family. 

How many photos can I store in WILLA?

At least 50,000

Do you use AI for photo organizing? 

We use forms of AI when it makes your life easier. Auto arranging and facial recognition where it makes sense. Photos that come in with metadata (time stamps and GPS locations) are kept together and if you bring in a folder of photos, our software keeps those photos together; we won't dismantle any organization you've already done.


How many photos does an average family take?

We estimate you'll take 15,000 photos of one child over 18 years with just 10 random photos a week, one vacation a year, and 18 birthdays. Now, add baby pictures, school plays, a sport, a hobby - family holidays. Cowabunga! 


Can I personalize the outside cover of my WILLA?

We have a variety of colors.

How can a Grandparent use this?  

For all that content in boxes that needs to be digitized (slides, film, old photos) in order to be passed down, WILLA is a place where it can be organized easily using simple drag and drop features across our two touch screens. Grandparents can organize their own story, family history, vacations, record their voice on photos, include letters to family, and much more.

How can a newly married couple use this? 

WILLA is the only physical wedding album where a couple's photos AND videos can sit side-by-side in the wedding story. Upload the high res files from the photographer, bring content in from online sources and have friends and family send their photos and videos direct to WILLA. 


How can a Family use this?

Families are busy! WILLA's functions are layered so you can load photos and videos fast, and come back later to organize.  For annual calendars and holiday cards you can "mark" favorite photos throughout the year with our app.  WILLA works seamlessly with phones and social media.


Can I share content from my WILLA  with other WILLAS?

Absolutely! Since family members can send photos and videos direct to any WILLA, test users told us they would assign one talented family member to collect all the content and make an "Album" after a vacation or special event, which can then be sent to other WILLAS. 


What about my photos on Facebook and Instagram?

The WILLA app allows you to bring in content from social media and cloud platforms that you want to weave into your family stories.


I have so many photos, I don't know where to start. Do you help with that?

WILLA is extremely easy to use. But, for people who want to "think through" how they want to organize their family memories ahead of time, we are looking at how best to provide a concierge service.

Do you have a cloud service? 

Yes. Our cloud service is specifically to back up the contents of your WILLA and will be provided on Amazon's world class AWS platform.

Why two screens?

Two screens create a simpler work space.  They are easier and more intuitive than a single screen when organizing 

family memories into "stories".  And we have to say, enjoying family memories in a traditional album is an awesome experience. 

Is the software sold separately?

No. When you buy WILLA, the software comes pre -loaded.

Where can I buy WILLA when it's available?

WILLA will be available on our website. 

Does WILLA have a USB port?

Yes. Unlike other platforms, we believe you should have that choice for accessing your family memory content.

How much will WILLA cost?

We want WILLA to be accessible to all families. Pricing will be in line with equivalent family tech products.

How come you don't show the organizing features in your software?

Our organizing features are our secret sauce that we don't show in public. All of the test users featured on our site, however, have seen how our software works. Please visit our testimonial page.

When do you expect to have WILLA available?

We are gauging interest to see what the market would support. If you would like to have a traditional family photo album with digital capability to pass down your memories, please sign up with your email.

What if I'm not sure WILLA is right for me when I buy it?

If you don't love WILLA within the first 60 days, send it back for a full refund. We'll pay for shipping.

What other features are planned for WILLA?

Beaming a BookCase Album to the TV for large group viewing. A Slideshow Maker to gather content together from different places in WILLA for special event slideshows, memorials, retirements etc. ... and innovative products for you to enjoy your photos throughout your home.

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