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Willa helps families consolidate and organize the family memories they want to pass down

Life is more than thumbnails and folders.

Life is stories!

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What makes


Two Screens!

Designed Entirely for Family Memories! 

Fast & Easy!

Safe Forever!

What People Are Saying

This is so

incredibly easy!

Constance P

What a great product you

have created. I'm in love! It's a brilliant, brave and soulful project.

Sheila K

This is the answer to 

our digital life problems. 

Terry J

The Question Today is:

How fast can you

find your favorite 

family photo?


it's in seconds.


Want a 

Wedding Album

with videos?

Why I Created Willa

It started with a baby sea turtle

It's not every day that you find a newly hatched baby sea turtle on its journey to the ocean.  This is one of my favorite memories with my then 8 year old son.  And, it was the rare photo of that baby turtle (and a corresponding video) (that ironically I can't find now) that made me want to create a place where our family adventures could be organized together and easily passed down to my son.


I was extremely frustrated trying to gather and organize photos and videos from the cloud, my computer, social media phone...

How was my son ever going to enjoy his childhood memories?!  How was I? I didn't have time to compare, choose and organize...

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42 Memory Lane

baby turtle
adam and giant iguana on beach costa rica digital family album storage and family photo organization
great family photos

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Family memories today. We should be able to enjoy them in our home without an internet connection, back them up to a cloud service that can't hold them hostage with surprise fees, and be able to organize them easily any way we want. 


We're not being dramatic when we tell you WILLA will change your life when it comes to managing and enjoying your family memories!


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Our Mission:

Provide an easy, local place where families can effortlessly compose, enjoy, and pass down their memories and history.

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